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About this work:

Selfless. “Sometimes I forget that I exist. Usually when confronted with nature in a way that makes all conscious thoughts shut off. When I exist in the world outside of my head. These images of America, or Mother Earth really. They beckon me to fall in love. To forget myself and to lose myself in them. Lose myself in the embrace of the wind. The stillness, the feeling of the air. Dry, and at other times hot, and heavy. Touching each part of my skin in a way that is subtle enough it can easily be forgotten. Skin. The shell around my bones that reminds me of my discomfort. As it squeezes tightly around my fat and muscle. But already starting to show how soon its elasticity will go. It will slip from my body in soft wrinkled masses. Reminding us of the cycles that inevitably we become a part of.”

Selfless is a series of images taken in various locations around America. In search of adventure, solitude, and beauty, Ella Bessette travels around America and documents the landscapes she finds off the beaten path.