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About this work:

Selfless is a series of images taken in various locations around America. In search of adventure, solitude, and beauty, Ella Bessette travels around America and documents the landscapes she finds off the beaten path.

Utah, Calf Creek Falls. Landscape photo by photographer Ella Bessette

Escalante Utah, American landscapes by San Francisco Photographer Ella Bessette

South Dakota, winter road trip landscape photography by SF architecture and landscape photographer

Salt Flats Utah, landscape photography by Ella Bessette, SF Bay Area architectural photographer

Empty landscape, American road trips by Architectural photographer Ella Bessette. Utah.

Badlands South Dakota, landscape photography by Ella Bessette, Architectural photographer

Selfless, American Road Trips. Photography of American landscapes by Ella Bessette. San Francisco Bay Area photographer

Pacific Ocean and fog at dusk. Landscape photograph by Ella Bessette, San Francisco architectural photographer’s personal projects

Bryce Canyon Utah, epic sunset landscape. Architectural photographer takes a road trip.

Slot Canyon photography by Architecture photographer Ella Bessette

Joshua tree at sunrise, California,  Americana landscapes. By California architectural photographer Ella Bessette

Orange slot canyon, abstract landscape photography by Ella Bessette. San Francisco architectural photographer. Personal work

Personal project by San Francisco architectural photographer. Utah landscape.

Blue sky and clouds, personal photography work by Ella Bessette. San Francisco architectural photographer

Joshua tree with crow in California landscape. By Photographer Ella Bessette

Abstract landscape photography, personal project by California landscape photographer Ella Bessette

Abstract landscape photographer, desert flowers. Personal work by architectural photographer

Pink and teal skies. Personal work by SF Bay Area commercial photographer

Abstract landscape photo of Utah slot canyons

Waterfall in desert slot canyon. Personal photo project Selfless, American Landscapes

Stormy skies, personal project, landscape photography

Abstract landscape, Slot canyon by landscape photographer Ella Bessette

Selfless, American Landscapes. Road trip photographs by Architectural photographers

Abstract landscape textures

Desert landscape abstractions by Architectural photographer Ella Bessette

Spring green trees, Selfless, American landscapes by San Francisco Architectural Photographer Ella Bessette