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Living Coral Pantone 2019 color of the year ad image by CA commercial photographer Ella Bessette wallpaper by Cecelia Claire. Models Elexia & Chelsea.

Studio Beauty Portrait of JE Model. Red hair freckles full brows & glowing skin. Photographer Ella Bessette Makeup Kalyn Slaughter.

Serene natural beauty advertising image No makeup face floating in white milky water Oakland CA Photographer Ella Bessette

Wet dewy skin beauty advertising photography. Red lips & flower petals. Shot by San Francisco beauty photographer Ella Bessette

Strong confident beauty portrait. Black model with no makeup clean face smooth straightened hair and green background. High end studio lighting.

Fight Advertising photo for Kalu handbags. Oakland CA black owned fashion designer. Shot by Ella Bessette in studio.

On location lookbook image for Kalu handbags by bay area fashion photographers Ella Bessette. Stylish gold bucket bag by black designer Kalu.

Sensual studio advertising image by San Francisco commercial photographer Ella Bessette. Back of contorted woman sitting with clutch bag in gold jump suit

Yellow Chakra tribal Jewelry lookbook by jewelry photographer Ella Bessette San Francisco California. Yellow flowers lemon & beads. Sensory image.

Spring look book by commercial photographer Ella Bessette. Woman in oversized white shirt holding bag with painted gold female figure. Pink studio background.

Serene clean beauty ad image by Oakland photographer Ella Bessette. Sophisticated studio lighting. Nude lip green eyes black hair in fishtail braid.

Close up eye makeup detail of mascara. Beach vibe, bright vibrant teal and pink. Shot by California commercial photographer Ella Bessette.

Glowing skin sensual beauty portrait full lips messy blond hair. Oakland commercial photography studio shoot by Ella Bessette. Model LeeAlex

Surreal beauty ad image. White eyeliner mascara & brows with orange bangs. Shot by California commercial photographer Ella Bessette. Model Vera Juliette

Black & white natural beauty studio portrait photography by Ella Bessette Oakland CA. Racially ambiguous face with no makeup look. Strong confident expression

Technicolor rainbow hair hairstylist advertising photographer Ella Bessette Oakland CA. Studio portrait of woman with rainbow hair in a black leather jacket.

Advertising image for fashion illustrator Cecelia Claire. pink haired model wearing print dress surrounded by greenery. By Bay Area advertising photographer Ella Bessette

Minimalist studio look book fashion image of model in an oversized sustainable knitwear scarf by San Francisco fashion photographer Ella Bessette

Studio portrait of Black model wearing gray alpaca scarf as head wrap Sustainable ethical fashion Photographer Ella Bessette.

On location outdoor ad image for sustainable fashion brand. Moody fall image at Muir Beach CA. Shot by california commercial photographer E. Bessette

Moody dreamy sustainable fashion knitwear look book. Foggy evening at muir beach. Shot by Ella Bessette Commercial Photographer Bay Area.

Elegant simple jewelry on model photography in studio with black background. MSA model shot by Ella Bessette California commercial photographer

Glowing clean beauty portrait nude lip with gold brows. Mixed light studio photography by Ella Bessette. Warm & cool light. Model LeeAlex.  Oakland CA

Moody studio portrait, ad image by Ella Bessette. Model with messy blond hair wearing off shoulder black lace dress. Shot by photographer Ella Bessette

Seductive black & white advertising image shot by San Francisco Photographer Ella Bessette. Blond MSA model with denim vest minimal makeup confident strong expression hand on face

Foggy moody fashion editorial advertising image black & white outdoor photo of woman standing in costume dress with crown. By California photographer Ella Bessette

Fashion editorial advertising image of model Zoe West in gold sequin dress with floral crown. Foggy outdoor location. Shot by commercial photographer Ella Sophie San Francisco CA